Why Prestige City is a preferred location for kids growing up?

Considering of purchasing a home near Sarjapur Road but worried whether it will fit your child’s requirements too? Gone is the time when only price, location and size mattered before purchasing the home. These days’ parents are becoming very sensitive to their child’s needs and are looking for homes that fit the bill. Apartments in Sarjapur which are mostly having gated communities like Prestige City are specially designed not only keeping in tune your demand but also for your kids so that they get proper place to utilize their energy and creativity. Keep reading for knowing in detail!

Recreational Activities in Prestige City

Prestige City is well-equipped with several recreational activities like a cricket pitch, varieties of sports courts, clubhouse etc. They also have some special amenities like dining space fitted with a barbeque and a brick oven where the kids can bake their own pizza and party together. There is an amphitheatre too kids can socialise with their peers.

Prestige City & Green Spaces

Studies have proved that green arena helps in improving attention span in young once. Prestige City has thousands of plants that give you and your kids the fresh air.


With the provision of 24×7 security and CCTV’s, you can stay stress free for your child’s safety. Additionally, Prestige City in Sarjapur Road has a bus bay area, a waiting space for children, where kids can board the school buses and wait for their guardians to pick up once they return home.

Socialization Skills

Social skills in kids are observed as indicators of future success and Prestige City provides several opportunities for that purpose not only through amenities but also by the design of the layout. The amenities are decentralized along with a unique set of informal sitting places to encourage social interaction.
There are several apartments available for sale in Sarjapur Rod but Prestige City is the only one to not just build a house but a community that is safe and social for your kids.

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