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More than 90 percent of home purchasers, today, look for Vaastu compliant homes. Vaastu Shastra is a wide concept and applying every concept in the home will be tough especially when a buyer chooses ready to move-in homes. But there are a few major concepts that are taken into concern by many of the designers and builders. Vaastu Shastra is also termed as the science of architecture which mainly works in the best practices in construction and adding supportive elements while construction. It is believed that following these measures brings bliss and good luck for the residents.

Prestige Group, a well-known real estate giant, has come up with its Vaastu compliant residential complex named The Prestige City Meridian Park, Sarjapur Road. Its residential towers are proposed to be launched in Cedar woods. This residential complex will have 5 towers carrying 2680 units offering apartments of sizes 2 BHK and 3 BHK.

Let us discuss what all one should look for in Vaastu compliant homes.

Entrance – The entrance of an apartment in Vaastu Shastra is considered to be a very important part of the home. North and North-East are believed to be a favorable corners for placing the entrance. Some also prefer the East to be effective.

The entrance door of 3 BHK apartments of 1387 sqft in The Prestige City Meridian Park is designed to face North. Similarly, the entrance door of 3 BHK apartments of 1665 sqft and 1865 sqft in this residential complex is designed facing east and west. The expected sale price of the apartment of size 1387 is Rs. 95 lakhs, of size 1665 sqft is Rs. 110 lakhs, and of size 1865 sqft is Rs. 122 lakhs. 

Rooms – The direction towards where the room faces are equally important in Vaastu. Different directions are thought to deliver different results. Bedrooms placed between the southeast and east are not considered perfect. But the positioning of the room together with the position of the entrance door would also take care of. Vaastu says sleeping with your head placed in the north-south direction is not the best choice because that would be parallel to the alignment of the earth’s magnetic pole. These are the factors that are taken care of while designing the apartment in The Prestige City Meridian Park. 

Grabbing all the major auspicious factors would be hard and there has been no strong support to prove the actual influence of these factors. However, keeping away from all the risk factors would make it fortunate for home buyers. The concept of Vaastu Shastra is being chiefly included in modern homes because these concepts are believed to affect the health, wealth, career, and overall happiness of a person. Placement of bedrooms and kitchen are said to affect the sleep and appetite of the residents. 

Keeping in thought the welfare of home buyers, designing homes that are based on Vaastu is boasting modern-day architecture. This is precisely what you will be receiving when you select an apartment from The Prestige City Meridian Park. Here you will find a home that matches all your requirements. Since the apartments in The Prestige City Meridian Park are designed by renowned architects, all the homes are Vaastu compliant. All units are flawlessly built so that buyers could be sure of getting the best value for what is invested.

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