Prestige Aston Park

The Prestige City on Sarjapur road has built a new community called Prestige Aston Park, which consists of luxury apartments in tall buildings. The Prestige City, a new residential community in beautiful Ittangur, South-East Bangalore, is now under construction by the prestigious Prestige Group. This residential development, which spans an enormous 180 acres in size, offers a wide selection of high-end housing options to its potential buyers. These include spacious studio apartments, one-, two-, and four-bedroom townhomes, and luxury villas. It is planned to build a shopping mall called Forum in the township as well. This Prestige City is one digitally-enabled, high-end community in the heart of Bangalore that aims to provide its residents with the calm and sophistication they crave in the middle of the city. 

The Prestige City encourages opulent lifestyles and was built with the residents’ every want and need in mind. This township, conceived and designed by some of the brightest minds in the business, aspires to provide residents with an ideal balance of work and play in settings that are both in harmony with nature and technologically advanced.

The ultimate goal of The Prestige City is to ensure the happiness and contentment of its citizens. To achieve this, the township features numerous landscaped areas and green spaces, as well as architectural details that complement the natural surroundings. Living in this community is made easier by the prevalence of cutting-edge technologies. These solar-powered LED streetlights in this smart community not only illuminate the streets, but also provide useful data such as the current temperature, humidity, and air quality, as well as the names and frequencies of nearby Wi-Fi providers, via interactive touchscreens. You can find charging stations for your electric vehicle and smart boards to help you find your way around town. Those who are well-versed in modern technology will feel right at home in this futuristic community. 

The modern residential community of Prestige Aston Park consists of a cluster of towers housing luxurious studio, one-, and three-bedroom apartments. The designers of these skyscrapers knew that many people who reside in apartment buildings dislike feeling suffocated, so they made sure not to pack too many people onto each floor. Each apartment in this complex has been carefully and elegantly designed to provide its occupants with everything they could want.

These apartments, with their roomy interiors, are ideal for today’s middle-class families on the rise. The Prestige Group always strives for perfection in their work, and that dedication to quality is visible in Prestige Aston Park. This complex was built using state-of-the-art methods and only the finest fixtures and materials. All of the apartments have plenty of natural light and cross ventilation thanks to the large windows and balconies. Green spaces and planted parks and gardens may be seen from every window, providing an unparalleled perspective.

The tranquil, verdant setting of this new community is meant to let you forget about your worries. The builders of these apartments are well aware of the psychological benefits of proximity to natural settings in relieving stress. This is why there are so many trees and grassy areas throughout the development; the planners want the inhabitants to get out and enjoy the outdoors. An aesthetic appeal has been achieved by the integration of numerous design elements across the development’s grounds. 

There are many indoor & outdoor sports and exercise facilities, as well as a well-equipped gym, available to residents of this complex. Paths for jogging and walking are interspersed throughout the community to further promote an active way of life. The property features areas to organise events and gatherings, as well as areas for amusement and recreation, to foster resident interaction and socialisation. Embracing both a technologically advanced and a more grounded, natural way of life is encouraged by this ingenious new digital innovation.

An elite security team is on call around-the-clock to keep a watchful eye on that development and all its luxurious housing options, amenities, and features. Your family’s safety is ensured around the clock by the presence of well-trained security staff who monitor all entrances and exits to the development and can respond quickly to any suspicious activity.

Location of Prestige Aston Park

The area around Prestige Aston Park on Sarjapur road is some of the most desirable properties in all of Bangalore. The area’s well-developed road network allows for quick and simple access to the rest of the city. The area’s physical infrastructure is very strong and continues to improve with time. Prestige Aston Park is situated close to several important IT employee hubs & tech parks, and the surrounding area of Sarjapur road benefits from a robust public services network.

Among these are places like the Embassy Tech Park, RGA Techpark, and the Wipro Special Economic Zone. Others, like the Prestige Tech Park, are currently under construction nearby. Several prestigious medical facilities, including Columbia Asia Hospital, Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences, and the Sakra World Hospital, are conveniently located nearby as well. There are also many highly regarded educational facilities in the area, including Azim Premji University, Oakridge School, VIBGYOR High School, and so on. Residents of Prestige Aston Park will never feel cut off from the city’s amenities due to the abundance of nearby shopping and entertainment options, including the Phoenix Marketcity, Total Mall, and the Forum Neighbourhood Mall. 

Living in Prestige Aston Park is like living inside the life of luxury in a well-planned community, surrounded by natural splendour and just a short distance from all the comforts of contemporary Bangalore.

Sarjapur Road

Sarjapur Road is a popular area of Bangalore that is home to both businesses and residents. In a short amount of time, the area has developed into a major commercial hub, with several information technology corridors strategically placed throughout. Sarjapur Road as well as its connecting neighbourhoods have evolved into self-sustaining micro-markets roofing in all necessary infrastructures. The area’s well-established infrastructure includes modern transportation options and a full complement of municipal services. 

Sarjapur Road is just a major thoroughfare that stretches for 20 kilometres to the city’s eastern outskirts. Several of East Bangalore’s most desirable neighbourhoods are connected here. Starting at Koramangala, this route passes through the neighbourhoods of Agara, Ambalipura, Dommasandra, & Marathalli until arriving in Sarjapur. The incredible growth of the information technology industry in Bangalore has had a profound effect on this area. 

Sarjapur Road’s development was greatly aided by the city’s IT surge. The area’s rapid growth was encouraged by the appearance of numerous business parks, technology campuses, and other centres of economic activity. Despite the massive growth, the area has retained its traditional green appeal. Unlike many of the city’s central neighbourhoods, this one still has significant green covers and is relatively quiet and calm. 

With its convenient proximity to Whitefield and Electronic City, Sarjapur Road is a popular route for residents of all of these prestigious areas. Sarjapur Road provides quick and simple access towards the Outer Ring Road and the IT Parks therein. This part of Bangalore is conveniently located near SH35, the future Peripheral Ring Road, and also the Satellite-Town Ring Road. 

There are numerous restaurants, shopping centres, and entertainment venues along Sarjapur Road. Because of the quality of schools and medical centres in the area, it is popular among families with elderly and young children. Several prominent business parks and information technology parks can be found in the neighbourhood area surrounding Sarjapur Road. 


It’s no secret that Bangalore is among India’s most important urban centres thanks to its abundance of information technology (IT) businesses. It is the best place to invest in real estate and it has the fastest growth rate in the country. The city’s peaceful and orderly surroundings, complete with modern amenities, provide an ideal setting for both residential and commercial development. 

Its infrastructure is among the best in the world. Bangalore is home to top-notch educational institutions, medical centres offering a wide range of services, and some of the world’s most advanced e-commerce platforms. It also features luxurious hotels and upscale boutiques. There is a good balance between urban areas and more rural areas inside the city. 

Famous lakes, verdant areas, and public parks dot the city’s outskirts. There are also palaces, fortresses, and temples from ancient times. The weather in Bangalore is pleasant for most of the year. According to the Comfort of Living Index 2020, it is the “liveable city” in India with the highest population. 

There has been a dramatic uptick in Bangalore’s property market since the pandemic. Commercial and residential real estate investments in the city are excellent options. Banks lowering home loan rates was a natural demand booster for residential investments. Buyers’ budgets have been helped by the reduction in stamp duty rates. 

Putting money into Bangalore’s real estate market has many advantages. Investors can rest easy knowing they made a smart choice by purchasing properties from reputable developers who consistently deliver high returns and favourable tax treatment. The city also guarantees healthy rental incomes and rising property values. 

The IT, auto, telco, biotech, mfg, & industrial sectors are the main drivers of the Bangalore economy. Transportation by air, rail, as well as road all converges in the city. If you’re looking for an active airport, look no further than Kempegowda International. The BMTC bus system and the Namma Metro quick transit system serve to connect different parts of the city.


The Prestige City’s posh residential tower, Prestige Aston Park, is home to upscale three-bedroom flats. Yamare, just off Sarjapur Road in East Bangalore, is where you’ll find this establishment. Aston Park gives its residents the best of everything, from convenient transportation to a well-developed community around them. 

Sarjapur Road, where the project is located, is at the centre of all the action. The project provides the advantages of being close to all of the actions of the city while also being shielded from it. The project provides excellent connectivity by utilising major thoroughfares such as the Outer Ring Road (ORR) as well as State Highway 35. 

The project also connects to the upcoming Peripheral Ring Road and Satellite Town Ring Road (STRR) without any disruptions (PRR). These connector highways are great for getting around the city and to outlying communities. By way of Sarjapur Road, the development is easily reachable from Whitefield and Electronic City, two of Bangalore’s most prominent technology districts. 

The roads of NH 207 & NH 4 are easily accessible from Sarjapur Road. Hosakote and Kolar can be reached along NH 207. The length of NH 4 towards Hosur. As a result, Sarjapur Road is conveniently linked to these outlying communities. Access to the NICE motorway is convenient. These lead towards Mysore Road, Bannerghatta Road, & Tumkur Road from Sarjapur Road. 

Transportation inside the city of Bangalore is provided by BMTC, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transportation Corporation. Sarjapur Road is a major bus route, providing access to parts of the area from this area. More people will be able to get where they need to go in this region thanks to the expansion of the Metro rail system. A variety of amenities, including hospitals, universities, theatres, movie theatres, and hotels, can be found in the immediate area.


For those looking for a three-bedroom home in “The Prestige City,” look no further than Prestige Aston Park. Located on 180 acres, the project is a mixed-use community with homes and shops. Elegant two- and three-bedroom high-rise apartments, as well as detached and semi-detached villas, and villa lots, can be found within this stately complex. 

An investor in a large-scale venture like Aston Park is eligible for many benefits. Due to its prime location, range of available unit sizes, and reasonable price estimates, this project is a great option for homeowners looking to put money into a new home. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of purchasing a home in this massive metropolis. 

With floor plans ranging from 1387 to 1865 square feet, Aston Park is home to over 2000 spacious 3-bedroom apartments. The apartments are constructed using cutting-edge space-planning methods, making each one feel spacious and comfortable. The homes are thoughtfully crafted to welcome plenty of natural light, fresh air, and a breathtaking view of the outdoors. 

High-end conveniences and services are available to you at this location. A variety of recreational opportunities would be available to the locals. The project promotes a healthy, outdoorsy way of life.

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Invest In This Project 

An exclusive community of high-end apartment buildings, Prestige Aston Park can be found in the heart of The Prestige City on Sarjapur road. The top ten benefits of investing in an apartment in this complex are outlined below. 

Project at hand – High-rise towers at Prestige Aston Park are home to tastefully designed studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartments with careful curation and layout to minimise noise and traffic. 

The Architect – Today, The Prestige Group has been recognised as one of the leading property development firms in Southern India. Each one of this group’s endeavours is a passion project, with a focus on originality and quality. 

Geographical Location – Sarjapur road, where Prestige Aston Park has been situated, is currently one of the city’s most desirable and rapidly expanding areas. 

Linking up – Sarjapur Road’s physical infrastructure is strong and improving, which will help facilitate transportation. 

Places of Employment – You can easily reach other major business centres from Prestige Aston Park, including Wipro SEZ, Sigma Tech Park, as well as Embassy Tech Park. 

Structures for social interaction – This area has first-rate public amenities, including hospitals, schools, libraries, and entertainment venues. 

Detailing – As such, only the finest materials and cutting-edge construction methods are being used to construct this exclusive neighbourhood to the Prestige Group’s exacting standards. 

Amenities – All sorts of high-end amenities can be found within Prestige Aston Park, from a clubhouse and pool to a multi-purpose hall and tennis courts. 

Sell-out price – If you ever decide to sell, you can rest easy knowing that your investment was well made because the building was constructed by the Prestige Group, a reputable name in the real estate industry. 

Profit from renting out space – Prestige Aston Park can never be without potential renters because of the plethora of local employment options.

Why This Development Offers the Finest Apartments on Sarjapur Road 

Among the many high-rise buildings that make up The Prestige City on the verdant stretch of Sarjapur road is the elegant Prestige Aston Park. A variety of spacious one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments can be found in this brand-new development. Elegantly designed and carefully crafted, the apartments in this complex cater to the needs of even the most particular tenants. These units are well-designed and offer plenty of space for families to spread out.

They are ideal for young, progressive couples starting in the city. The developer of this complex understands that modern city dwellers may feel hemmed in at times. For this reason, much effort was put into planning and building a gated community that respects its residents’ need for seclusion. Every facet of this project reflects the Prestige Group’s commitment to quality and excellence.

For the construction of Prestige Aston Park, only the latest, most cutting-edge methods and the finest fixtures and furnishings have been selected and will be used. All of the apartment units have plenty of natural light and ventilation thanks to the large windows and balconies. The enclave’s grounds are landscaped and designed to be visually appealing, with plenty of open spaces and artistic touches. The development project features a variety of high-end amenities, such as a grand clubhouse, separate swimming pools for children and adults, a fitness centre, and many indoor and outdoor courts and rooms where residents can engage in sports and games.

You and your loved ones can feel safe and secure in this gated community owing to the availability of a top-tier security team, round-the-clock surveillance via closed-circuit television, and guard shacks at all entrances and exits. The apartments at Prestige Aston Park on Sarjapur road are the best in the area because of the high quality of their design, construction, location, and collection of luxurious amenities and features.

Sarjapur Road’s Finest New Home Development 

Located in The Prestige City, Prestige Aston Park is a luxurious community of high-rise towers housing one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. The Prestige Group has announced a brand-new, state-of-the-art, 180-acre residential property development project on the highly desirable Sarjapur road. Apartments at Prestige Aston Park are luxuriously built to suit the needs of today’s urban dwellers in Bangalore. Each tower’s thoughtfully designed apartments provide a feeling of openness and seclusion despite the community’s dense layout.

The builder should pay close attention to this because the feeling of being suffocated is a common side effect of city life. If you’re looking for a high-end home on Sarjapur Road, this is it. It’s spacious, quiet, and has plenty of room. In addition, the sleek, modern design of these apartments is sure to please even the most discerning of today’s global nomads. 

The Prestige Group has placed a premium on quality, so every apartment in this complex has been carefully and thoughtfully designed with large windows and balconies strategically placed to maximise natural light and cross-ventilation. The grounds surrounding the apartment buildings are beautifully landscaped, with parks and open spaces stretching so far as the eye can see. The visual appeal of the enclave has been greatly improved by carefully placed design features. The opulent facilities at Prestige Aston Park include a clubhouse, multi-purpose hall, swimming pools, a fully-equipped gym, and several game rooms and courts for both indoor and outdoor sports and games. This gated community is unparalleled on Sarjapur Road because of the luxury apartments it offers in a beautiful setting and the high standard of its services and features.

Sarjapur Road Real Estate Price Trends

Bangalore’s St. Anthony’s Friary in Koramangala is at one end of the 21-kilometre-long Sarjapur Road that leads to the eponymous village. For quite some time, this was a tranquil, laid-back area with most of the residents engaged in farming; however, with the advent of several major employment centres, the surrounding real estate market has risen dramatically. There was a dramatic increase in the number of people living in this area, which catapulted it into the public eye and made it a prime location for real estate investments.

The area’s convenient access to such rest of the place and other key job centres also played a significant role in making Sarjapur road a desirable location to buy property. Due to Sarjapur road’s rapid ascent to the status of Bangalore’s most trendy and up-to-date neighbourhood, real estate prices there have shot up in recent years. Homebuyers now have their pick of developments from every significant real estate development firm, all of which are either already building in the region or planning to do so soon. There is a great selection of high-end homes for sale on Sarjapur Road, from gated communities with palatial mansions to high-rise apartment buildings with enviable amenities. 

The real estate market along Sarjapur road has experienced a meteoric rise in price as a direct result of the neighbourhood’s rapid urbanisation and development. Apartments cost roughly Rs. 6,000 per square foot at present, while plots of land cost roughly Rs. 28,000. These prices will continue to rise as construction continues. These costs will change based on several factors, including the location, the availability of suitable property, and the builder of the desired home. Sarjapur road, on the other hand, has both cheap and expensive homes available, so it’s easy to find something that works within your price range.

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