Natural Ventilation and proper light & water supply in Prestige City, Sarjapur

One can’t ignore the positive outcome of living in a well-ventilated, well-sunlit residential place. There is a lot that is so composed and uplifting about a living space that has fresh air and water. It is level-headed and openhearted, which keeps our moods raised all day. Similar is the environment of the luxury apartments in Prestige City, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore promoted by Prestige Group. 

Natural ventilation stimulates a fit way of life. The pure, refreshing air uplifts our oxygen levels, maintaining the energy level all day long. Fresh air also maintains our immunity, and it accelerates serotonin making, which further keeps us contented and composed. 

Prestige City is located in a prime location of Bangalore, and one could certainly wonder – “Why is this concerning natural ventilation, water, and light in the city?” We mostly judge that a city like Bangalore is destined to be so jam-packed, and thinking about natural ventilation in such a place is mere absurdity. But with mindful design, anything and everything is achievable. 

Prestige Group typically incorporates a single block or two to three blocks spread throughout the premises, with sufficient landscaping and driveway space adjoining the buildings. This cushion from the roads, and adjoining buildings, which ultimately ensures that natural ventilation is bountiful. No matter how high the apartment complex is, it allows the uncontrolled movement of light and natural air. 

Every unit in Prestige City is assigned with large windows in all the rooms. The rooms and windows are so mindfully placed that leaving them open will embrace you with a pleasant breeze due to cross aeration. 

In the Prestige City luxury apartments, on every floor, there are spacious passageways that detach the flats and large ventilation pits that track the full height between each apartment. Such open spaces on every floor conduit the air into apartments. Rooms with windows also get adequate sunlight so that you won’t feel the need to switch on the electric lights during the day. 

Receiving natural ventilation in the home keeps the home in positive vibes, simultaneously providing a monetary decrease in electricity bills. Occupants can save almost 30 percent of their electricity bill just by leaving windows open.  

Prestige City, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore is planned with care and responsiveness in mind, to ensure all home buyer’s requirements are met. Don’t delay and head on to Prestige City to get a view of apartments for sale.

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